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  1. Steve and Larry, thanks for doing this project and offering it to the public with an at-cost parts kit and documentation.

  2. Gordon A LaPoint - N1MGO

    Larry and Steve, thanks for the Mortty project. The one I got is up and working!

  3. Thanks, Larry. I just downloaded FANticipator and it works as advertised. It was easy to install and I believe it will be a very useful app. Thank you for this program. It will be a nice addition to the station setup. My best regards and 73! Steve, W0SZ.

  4. Using the order link for the Mortty, I don’t see any mention of the free shipping of 10 kits.

    What do I need to do for the free shipping?

    Is the free shipping for anything over 10 kits or for each multiple of 10 kits?

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