SHARI plugged into a Raspberry Pi
SHARI (LEDs and Antenna End)
SHARI (USB Connectors End)


SHARI (SA818 Ham Allstar Radio Interface) is a ham construction project that implements a Raspberry Pi hosted Allstar node using a NiceRF SA818 embedded UHF (420 – 450 MHz) radio module.

SHARI plugs into two USB jacks on a Raspberry Pi3 (or 2) for power, the Allstar interface and radio programming. Front panel LEDs indicate the status of SHARI – [POWER (green), CONNECTION STATUS (blinking green), COS (yellow) and PTT (red)] . SHARI RF output power is 250 to 400 milliwatts.


  • Uses the Cmedia CM119B USB audio IC
  • Uses a NiceRF SA818 embedded UHF radio module
  • 250 to 400 milliwatts RF output power
  • Small, portable with self contained radio and antenna
  • Kit includes PCB with all surface mount parts installed
  • Kit builder installs 8 through-hole parts, the radio module and completes final mechanical assembly
  • Rugged RFI-resistant metal enclosure
  • 3D printed plastic end caps with all required holes provided
  • Radio settings changed using a program running on the Raspberry Pi

Order Information

SHARI  is available as a simple parts kit (install 8 through-hole parts, the radio module and complete final assembly) for $50 or completely assembled for $70. Send an email to n8ar73 at gmail for ordering and delivery information.

Parts List


SHARI uses a single circuit board. The circuit board contains surface mount (SMD) parts as well as 8 through-hole parts and the SA818 (UHF) radio module.

Fully Assembled SHARI PC Board

The SHARI kit contains all of the parts required to build the device. The kit is supplied with all of the small surface mount parts installed on the PC board. The kit builder installs the 8 surface mount parts, the SA818 radio module and completes final mechanical assembly. Plastic 3D printed end caps are provided with the kit to simplify mechanical construction.

SHARI Kit Contents

Construction Manual

A comprehensive step-by-step construction/assembly manual is supplied as a download from this site (no printed manual is supplied). Click on the following link:



Support of SHARI is provided via the SHARI group at

The purpose of the SHARI group is to serve as the main hardware support source and discussion group for hams building and using the SHARI Allstar Node. Support of the Allstar distribution you install in your Raspberry Pi and use in conjunction with SHARI is best obtained from the source of the Allstar distribution (i.e. or You need to join the SHARI group in order to post messages.  The first posting from you as a new user must be approved by the moderators – thus there may be a delay between the time of your original post and its arrival in

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