MorttySP – Speed Pot Accessory

Mortty with MorttySP – Speed Pot Accessory


MorttySP is a speed control accessory for the popular Mortty CW Keyer kit.

Key Features

  • The Most-Wanted feature requested by Mortty users
  • Small, inexpensive accessory
  • Minimal parts count: one circuit board, two components, a jumper wire, a label
  • Can be retrofitted on existing Mortty keyers
Speed Pot Acccessory Parts

MorttySP Parts Layout

MorttySP Assembly Manual

Click _HERE_ here to access the full MorttySP Assembly Manual, or select the >Download >Mortty “MorttySP Assemble Manual.pdf” file.

MorttySP Attached to Arduino Nano board

MorttySP with Top Cover Removed

Order Info – Two Configurations

$5.00 – BUNDLED – With a new Mortty CW and RTTY Keyer Kit

The New Kit package includes all of the parts in the photo above, a pre-drilled case with the new MorttySP label, and a pre-installed Speed Pot sensing CW Keyer sketch.

$5.00 – SHIPPED! – As a Retrofit to an Existing Mortty CW or nanoIO Keyer kit

The Retrofit Kit package includes the new MorttySP label, the MorttySP circuit board, 10K potentiometer, 6 pin connector, and a short length of teflon wire. To save shipping costs, we ship the Retrofit Kit via US Postal Service First Class Mail to CONUS customers.

If you need a Retrofit Kit shipped to a non-US address, contact Steve N8AR regarding postal rates to your country.


The developers:
     Steve N8AR and Larry K8UT

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