MorttySP – Speed Pot Accessory

Mortty with MorttySP – Speed Pot Accessory


MorttySP is a speed control accessory for the popular Mortty CW Keyer kit.

Key Features

  • The Most-Wanted feature requested by Mortty users
  • Small, inexpensive accessory
  • Minimal parts count: one circuit board, two components, a jumper wire, a label
  • Can be retrofitted on existing Mortty keyers

MorttySP Parts Layout

MorttySP Assembly Manual

Click _HERE_ here to access the full MorttySP Assembly Manual

MorttySP Attached to Arduino Nano board

MorttySP with Top Cover Removed

Order Info – Two Configurations, Two Prices

$5.00 – With a new Mortty CW and RTTY Keyer Kit

The New Kit configuration includes all of the parts in the photo above, a pre-drilled case with the new MorttySP label, and a pre-installed Speed Pot sensing CW Keyer sketch.

Free* – As a retrofit to an existing Mortty CW and RTTY Keyer kit

Free?!? Read the fine print… Steve and Larry struggled with pricing for the retrofit MorttySP accessory, because the cost of packaging and shipping the kit is more than double the cost of its five components. Here’s what you need to do for your free retrofit kit…

  • Step 1: Mail a self-addressed business envelope with simple first-class postage (a Forever Stamp) applied to Steve, N8AR (see QRZ.COM address). He will return to you, for Free, an envelope containing three of the pictured components: the MorttySP circuit board, a new label, and the teflon wire.
  • Step 2: Look at the parts list in the MorttySP assembly appendix. Note the Arrow Electronics part numbers for the speed potentiometer and 6 pin header. Arrow provides Free Shipping, so your total out-of-pocket cost for the remaining two components of the kit will be around $3.00. Not quite free – but as close as we could get without having to charge you another $7.90 for shipping!

Bulk Orders of Mortty retrofit kits

If you’re a member of a group that bulk-purchased Mortty Keyers and would like to obtain a quantity of the retrofit accessories that you would distribute yourself (perhaps at a club meeting?), contact Steve N8AR vie email and he’ll make special arrangements to get you whatever you need.


The developers:
     Steve N8AR and Larry K8UT

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